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A BIG thank you to the team! I presented the material to the Top Management this afternoon, & they were really pleased, impressed by the design of the identity, by the attractiveness of the material…
Karine Druelle-Lips
Hi Pavel, the event was a succes and ON was very happy with the video as well. Everyone was amazed of all the scenes and the quality. And Tobias thanked Bam 5 times during all the speeches...even when u are not there. Thats says a lot. Thank you for the super work of you and your team.
ON Shoes 3D video inauguration for an event at Kuehne+Nagel
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It's amazing!!! Great job!! ;)
Project: Video of the NFC App for packaging
Thanks again to the entire team for this wonderful adventure; we've received a lot of compliments and positive messages both on the quality of the content and the quality of the staging! Bravo!
Project: Exhibition event at BMW with AGC
The visuals are good, we are satisfied with the result!
Maximilien DUBAJ
I find this work magnificent, elegant, refined; sincerely, it's a great success. Well done to the team! You pleasantly surprise me with every project!
Karine Druelle-Lips about CES Stand of Wideye
The visuals are very successful, particularly the atmospheres that emanate from the building lobby visuals.
Christelle CHEVALIER
Thank you very much. As always, it is very successful!
Jamie Ferris
Excellent work done by the team, a big thank you!
Pierre-Antoine Gris about Reeflect website
Wow, thank you so much! Excellent. The evening perspective of Rockwell is superb :-)
Sacha Heck
I take this opportunity to thank you for the great job: the quality of the project and the respect for timing, two fundamental values!
Pulsaart Website
Thank you for this revised new version, which is significantly better and much more refined.
Manhattan 3D video
Furthermore, I generally find the 3D images very successful, and I am eager to see the interiors and cutaway of Belview!
Julien Husson
Thank you for these latest visuals.
It's TOP!!
Mathieu Scherrer
Thank you very much it looks really good.
Robert Schuman