Wideye Booth for CES Las Vegas

Wideye Booth for CES Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Custom Booth Design
For CES Las Vegas, we were entrusted with the comprehensive task of designing, producing, and managing the Wideye booth. The scope extended from conceptualization to the physical setup of the booth. This included not only the design and production but also the printing of all required materials.
In addition to this, logistics were a significant part of the assignment. We managed the transportation of Wideye's products from various European countries to Las Vegas, ensuring that everything arrived safely and on time for the exhibition.
The service didn't end with the show's opening; we were also responsible for the post-exhibition logistics. All products were repatriated back to Wideye's different offices across Europe, making sure that everything was returned to its rightful place.
Synergizing Brand and Innovation
Our design seamlessly married Wideye's brand guidelines with a sleek, high-tech aesthetic. From layout to visual elements, everything resonated with Wideye's commitment to technological innovation. This resulted in an intuitive visitor journey, allowing for natural movement and interaction throughout the exhibit.
Transformative Collaboration
In a groundbreaking partnership with Wideye, we shattered conventional exhibition design norms to create an enthralling and educational experience. Central to this innovation is a full-scale conceptual car designed to showcase Wideye's leading-edge 360° sensor integration technology. This eye-catching focal point served as more than a crowd-puller; it was an interactive showcase for Wideye's advanced offerings.
Real-Time Experience
Behind this conceptual car, strategically positioned large-screen TVs displayed real-time data from the 360° sensors. These screens provided an immersive tech atmosphere while offering immediate, compelling demonstrations of Wideye's capabilities.
In essence, our work with Wideye produced an exhibition space that transcended the ordinary. It was an immersive fusion of form and function, effectively communicating Wideye's brand essence and pioneering solutions in a way that powerfully resonated with attendees.