NFC-Enabled Coca-Cola App

NFC-Enabled Coca-Cola App
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Coca-Cola sought an innovative solution to engage supermarket shoppers in Spain and Portugal with their new Signature Mixers range. The focus was on showcasing the unique ingredients and exotic flowers involved.
Additionally, they wanted to highlight the expertise of their mixer specialists to help customers discover the product's diverse flavors.
A Concept Presented to Coca-Cola
A concept was presented to Coca-Cola to integrate an NFC chip into the packaging of their Signature Mixers. To make the interaction intuitive, a designated icon is featured on the packaging, guiding users on how to engage with the product.
Enhancing User Experience with NFC-Enabled Packaging
NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in packaging not only enables seamless user interaction through a simple scan but also triggers actions on your smartphone. Whether it's launching an app or initiating a payment, NFC amplifies engagement and functionality.
The Complementary App Experience
Upon scanning the NFC chip with a smartphone, a user-friendly app is launched. The app displays the variety of flavors, expertise of the mixologists, and pricing details. This serves as a real-time data collection tool for Coca-Cola's marketing team, enabling them to track consumer interest and sales.