3D Animation of KST Lighting System

3D Animation of KST Lighting System
KST Lighting
3D Product Animation
3D Animation
KST Lighting has commissioned a video to spotlight their specialized lighting solutions for the transportation sector. The video aims to delve into the realistic qualities of these products, showcasing their unique engineering.
The main focus is on the lifelike attributes of the lighting, detailing how they surpass market competitors. It serves as a resource for clients interested in advanced lighting technologies.
Lastly, the video will explore the products' applications in various transportation modes. It offers insights into their potential for enhancing safety and aesthetics across the board.
KST Lighting Company
For more than 38 years, KST Lighting has been leader in the design and the manufacturing of electronic and lighting equipment’s (luminaries, electronic inverters and converters, LED lighting systems,…) for the rolling stock market, mainly trains, metros, tramways and buses,… KST Lighting is driven by the will to create, develop and deliver reliable products, and to offer performing and innovative solutions that match your needs and respect your budgets. KST Lighting guarantees flexibility as well as quality from design to manufacturing